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Cancer Therapies
with a Mouse

Podcast: April 14, 2014

Treating cancer has long been a trial and error process for doctors, but Champions Oncology is hoping to take the guess work out of choosing the right therapy through the use of its mouse avatars. The company engrafts a patient’s tumor in mice to determine what drugs are most effective. We spoke to Joel Ackerman, CEO of Champions Oncology, about the personalization of cancer therapy, the benefits the mouse avatars provide, and how the same technology is being used to improve drug development. Read More
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Podcast A Growing Tension Between Innovation and Price

Seamus Levine-Wilkinson, group analyst with Decision Resources, discusses the emerging therapies for hepatitis C, how doctors and payers are viewing them, and what drug companies are learning about pricing breakthrough therapies.

By the numbers Intarcia Lands $200M for Disruptive Drug Delivery

Intarcia Therapeutics has raised another $200 million in private financing, which together with the $210 million round of equity and debt financing in November of 2012, puts the company in a strong position to complete a late-stage clinical trial and prepare to launch its once yearly diabetes treatment, and to build its pipeline.