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The Changing Patent Landscape for
Genome 2.0

Podcast: July 21, 2014

Following the mapping of the human genome, the sectors of sequencing, personalized medicine, and synthetic biology have taken hold. A new report from the law firm Marks & Clerk examines patent filings in these areas over the past decade and shows the different stages at which these emerging sectors are in their development. We spoke to Gareth Williams, partner with Marks & Clerk, about the report, where the sources of innovation are today, and the changing landscape for intellectual property. Read More
Todays Stories
Podcast Cracking the Social Media Code

Peter Pitts, president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, discuss the FDA's concerns on industry's use of social media, why the industry has been slow to embrace it, and how these new ways to communicate with patients are accelerating broader changes in the healthcare landscape.

By the numbers AbbVie Inches Closer to Acquiring Shire

The board of Shire Pharmaceuticals has entered into negotiations with AbbVie on a potential takeover of the U.K. specialty pharmaceutical after AbbVie sweetened its offer to $53.6 billion over the weekend. If successful, it will be the largest biopharma M&A deal since the megamergers of 2009, and the largest tax inversion deal by a drugmaker to date.