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Government’s Effort to Quell Tax-Driven M&A Could Slow Dealmaking

Nearly half of dollar volume of M&A activity in 2014 involved inversions, says Burrill Media

SAN FRANCISCO—OCTOBER 1, 2014—The U.S. Treasury Department in September took steps to discourage U.S. corporations from seeking to acquire or merge with off-shore companies in so-called inversions in order to avoid U.S. taxation. Inversions have in 2014 been a substantial driver of M&A activity in the life sciences and the new rules will likely slow activity and could lead to more restrictive legislation, according to Burrill Media. Read More
Todays Stories
Podcast Therapeutic Vaccine for Parkinson's Disease Shows Early Promise

Kuldip Dave, director of research programs for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, discusses encouraging early-stage results for Affiris' experimental therapeutic vaccine for Parkinson's, what the results tell us, and why alpha-synuclein may be a compelling target in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

By the numbers Pharmas Tap Academia for Drug Discovery

Non-traditional partnering deals have become the norm over the past few years as Big Pharma has shifted its resources away from internal R&D to outsourcing innovation. Such was the case over the past week as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Astellas Pharma partnered to access biopharmaceutical innovation coming out of academia and research institutes.