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Opexa's Personalized MS Immunotherapy Returns to Clinic

Podcast: September 17, 2012

The Burrill Report

The Burrill Report (September 17, 2012): Opexa Returns to the Clinic with Personalized Immunotherapy for MS (.MP3,17.68 Mb)

Opexa Therapeutics has returned to the clinic with its Tcelna, a personalized immunotherapy derived from a patient's own T-cells to treat multiple sclerosis. After more than three years since its last clinical trial, the company has been refining its clinical strategy, building clinical and manufacturing capabilities, and strengthening its ranks. We spoke to Neil Warma, CEO of Opexa, about Tcelna, why the company has decided to target secondary progressive multiple sclerosis as its lead indication, and the benefits and challenges of a personalized therapy for MS.

September 15, 2012

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