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Why Gene Therapy Is Coming of Age

Podcast: May 6, 2013

The Burrill Report

The Burrill Report (May 6, 2013): Why Gene Therapy Is Cominng of Age (.MP3,23.4 Mb)

Gene therapy is getting new attention, following the approval in Europe of UniQure’s Glybera, the first gene therapy approved in the western world. We spoke to Elemer Piros, managing director and senior equity research analyst for Burrill Securities, which recently held an institutional investor conference about gene therapy. Piros discussed the state of gene therapy, what progress has been made in the area, and why the field is of growing interest for Big Pharma. Burrill Securities, a division of Burrill & Company, publisher of the Burrill Report, has not received any compensation from companies mentioned in this podcast during the past 12 months, nor are any of the companies Burrill Securities clients.

May 04, 2013

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